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You are aboard a spaceship sent to examine abnormal Sun activity. As you fly close to the Sun, an EMP knocks your engine down and leave you without any energy. Luckily for you, there is a manual energy extractor aboard the ship! Do squats on the lower deck, to powerup your engine and leave the Solar System, before the Sun dies in a spectacular supernova!

Since this is a VR experience, you are expected to do real squats to play this game :) The ship is flying even between the sessions, so when you come back after some time, you will be actually further! Each n-th squat adds n m/s to your velocity! So you gain speed faster the more squats in total you did. But even with this help, my early calculations show that to beat this game you will need a month of regular work out!

Published Aug 01, 2017
AuthorVinyl Pixels
TagsLudum Dare 39


SpaceSquats_Win.zip 45 MB

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