I present to you a very early alpha version of my single button racing game!

The car accelerates on its own, and you just use your only key to turn - the turn direction simply depends on where on the track your car currently is.

Choose your players, choose your tracks, choose the number of laps and challenge yourself or your friends!

Up to ten players can compete on five tracks on a single computer. Those ten players can be TEN PEOPLE, as long as you have a keyboard that has at least 10 keys that is ;) Gamepads should work as well, although I didn't get a chance to test that yet.

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Now introducing "The Elimination Update"! Adding four different Elimination race modes!

Change Log for version (alpha 0.0.3e):

-4 new Elimination race modes!

-Changes in the races select screen to allow you to add races with new game modes. It is also now possible to set the number of laps per race (and not just for the whole tournament)

-Fixes for the players setup screen.

-Better handling of cars hitting the track edge.

-Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the points after the race to be added multiple times if the framerate was low.

There is a lot more to come in the near future, as I'm planning to do a lot of small incremental updates:

- more race modes

- more tracks

- more car types: motorbikes, trucks, rally cars etc.

- special challenges for single player games

- Wi-Fi multiplayer

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Published147 days ago
AuthorVinyl Pixels
Tags3D, Casual, Multiplayer, Racing, simple, unity


VersusOne_0.0.3e_Win.zip (12 MB)
VersusOne_0.0.3e_MacOS.zip (27 MB)