VR update is here!

Was it really almost half a year? The project was meant to be updated a little more frequent, but then life happened and now I'm a dad :)

But hey! Finally got some time to move the project forward, and what a move it was! The game now works in the Virtual kind of Reality! It's Oculus Rift for now, and supports Touch controllers as well as a remote and Xbox controller (or even a mouse or a keyboard while in VR).

The non-VR players should be happy as well: no more ugly white menus! Everything has nice backgrounds now!

Plus: there is a new game mode, called "Faster". You'll find it under "Challenges". The game gradually speeds up 25% per lap, and if you fall out of track, it's game over. How fast can you go? How many laps?

There were tons of fixes here and there (a new, realistic car turning is one of them!). There are also new camera modes that can be found under settings.

Also there's an early implementation of a new vehicle type: Derby Car, with one track to test it out (it's early and unfinished so don't judge yet). At one point these actually drifted, but then the new turning came and the ability to drift was lost :(

I really hope that this time I'll manage to update the game more often!


VersusOne_0.1.0_html.zip 14 MB
Jun 08, 2017
VersusOne_0.1.0_win.zip 22 MB
Jun 08, 2017

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